24 Weeks + Girls Weekend

Posted by Emily , Sunday, June 23, 2013 9:19 PM

Not as fun as it sounds.  Matt went to the lake this weekend for a bachelor party so it was just me and Sage.  We had fun though!  She slept in our bedroom in the pack and play because I was kind of freaked out being out here all alone and I convinced myself something bad was going to happen. We also visited Aunt Erin and Uncle Mike and cousins Ava and Anthony and played in their kiddie pool.  Except Sage thought the water was too cold so she pretty much just watched.

Early morning wake-up call after our slumber party
 She is finally starting to fall back into a better sleep schedule I think.  She is getting at least one long nap a day and is now just waking up around 11 and then sleep till 6-6:30.  I'd rather sleep in a little longer but I suppose those days are long gone! She is starting to grow out of her 6 month clothes and into some of her 9 month clothes.  Her belly is just so big and round it's hard to stretch some of those onesies over it!
First time in her swing

24 weeks

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Erin Says:

I love the photo in the bed. Her smile is precious.

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