Barfy Baby

Posted by Emily , Wednesday, January 29, 2014 9:21 PM

I got The Call today. From daycare. "Miss Sage is getting sick, she is vomiting."


So I show up to get and thankfully, they were holding her and cuddling her in between pukes. I was worried because my niece had had a not-so-pleasant experience being quarantined at daycare the first time she ever vomited. 

We love our daycare for this reason, they are so wonderful. They warned me that she had been upchucking about every 5 minutes or so and that I had better hurry home. Sage talked and smiled all the way home, so I thought I was okay to stop and get the mail. Wrong. She tossed her cookies the moment I pulled into the garage. Then again on the kitchen floor. And then she spewed her pedialyte all over Dad while I was back at school writig sub plans. 

No temp though, and she is sleeping now! I am still worried about dehydration. 

In the meantime, she has learned to take her own temperature, so I guess that's a win! ;)
See if you can count how many different euphemisms for vomiting I use in this post! Bonus points!

A Healthful Day

Posted by Emily , Monday, January 20, 2014 2:15 PM

Sage and I had a healthy adventure day today!  I have the day off for MLK Jr. Day, which have me some time to work on my New Years Resolutions. I have been feeling bad lately and decided to eat more vegetables and get back into exercising. 

Anyway, today I made Sage some "baby cookies" and Brussels sprouts from this cookbook that Erin gave me:
Here are the recipes:
I had never eaten a Brussels sprout before today. They were not as disgusting as I expected them to be. The smell and aftertaste was a little like overcooked broccoli, but the taste was okay!  The cookies turned out soft and yummy but very crumbly and messy. Sage really liked them. They were a huge pain to shape into sticks since the dough was very crumbly, and ended up resembling something you might find in a baby's diaper. I would make them again, since Sage was a fan. I didn't use organic ingredients, though. 
She tried a few bites of the sprouts, which is really all a mother can ask for. She is a pretty brave eater!

When she wakes up, we plan to go to the park for a walk, and I have a spinach bacon salad planned for my dinner. It is a lot easier to be healthy when I'm home all day, but I hope this day will get me off to a good start!

Thanksgiving Pictures

Posted by Emily , Sunday, January 19, 2014 9:30 PM

We had a low-key holiday and went to my parents' for dinner. My sister Megan was there and we had a nice time! I can't believe I only took two pictures :(

One Year Old

Posted by Emily 9:28 PM

Wow I really lost track of the blog there huh? I'll try to do better. New year's resolution. Anyhow, I thought I'd give the rundown of what Miss Sage has been up to now that she is ONE YEAR OLD! Where did the time go?!  

Little Miss is very busy. She is now army-crawling everywhere she goes and she is very fast. I tried doing it myself and it is really hard. She is super strong though and likes to try to dive out of my arms on a frequent basis. We are working on standing since her doctor was a little worried that she isn't cruising yet. She referred us to a physical therapist, but I think now that we know that we should be worried, we are being more proactive about making her try to stand. Her favorite place to practice is in the bathtub, which is less than ideal for obvious reasons.  

At her one year checkup, she clocked in at 21 lbs, 11oz and 27 3/4 in long. This puts her in the 6th percentile for height and the 76th percentile for weight. Whoopsie!  I learned that I'm probably letting her drink too much milk and since she is not walking yet she is becoming a bit of a chunky monkey. Her head measured in the 89th percentile (maybe that's why she can't stand up?). The doc said she looks very healthy otherwise. She got four shots and a finger prick which was all thoroughly traumatizing, but she handled it all like a champ and passed out shortly after getting back In the car. 

Sage is showing us new tricks every day, and her babbling sounds more and more like real words. Yesterday, she said "beh bee" while looking at a picture of Matts uncle as a toddler, and she waves and says "ba" when we leave daycare. She also says "dada" and often sounds like she is asking "what's this?" ("Wisdis" whole pointing or holding something).  She will also hold our phones up to her ear and say "oh?" She likes to feed her baby dolls with bottles and loves to dance. 

We are entering a new stage of rebelliousness and stranger anxiety. She cries when strangers come to daycare and does not like being held by people she doesn't see daily. She enjoys throwing food off her tray while looking at us and shaking her head "no."  She cries and squirms with all her might at diaper change times. I think we are really in for it for the next couple of years!