Barfy Baby

Posted by Emily , Wednesday, January 29, 2014 9:21 PM

I got The Call today. From daycare. "Miss Sage is getting sick, she is vomiting."


So I show up to get and thankfully, they were holding her and cuddling her in between pukes. I was worried because my niece had had a not-so-pleasant experience being quarantined at daycare the first time she ever vomited. 

We love our daycare for this reason, they are so wonderful. They warned me that she had been upchucking about every 5 minutes or so and that I had better hurry home. Sage talked and smiled all the way home, so I thought I was okay to stop and get the mail. Wrong. She tossed her cookies the moment I pulled into the garage. Then again on the kitchen floor. And then she spewed her pedialyte all over Dad while I was back at school writig sub plans. 

No temp though, and she is sleeping now! I am still worried about dehydration. 

In the meantime, she has learned to take her own temperature, so I guess that's a win! ;)
See if you can count how many different euphemisms for vomiting I use in this post! Bonus points!

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