Put on Your Dancin' Boots, Y'all!

Posted by Emily , Saturday, January 22, 2011 2:08 PM

Well, we've booked the honeymoon, registered at Home Depot, and today we're picking out tuxes and picking out china.  I'm running out of wedding stuff to do.  We're going to have a lull in the planning for a couple of months before I have to start addressing the invitations (barf).  SO to keep myself from getting bored, I have invented a project!

I'm going to learn all the line dances I've been wanting to learn for years!  And then, I'm going to force as many people as possible to learn them so that we can do them at our wedding! Yeehaw!

First up: Copperhead Road

I can't find a video of anyone doing the Copperhead Road line dance the way I learned it at Cody's.  However, I did find this hee-larious video of some French ( I think) people doing a ridiculously complicated version of it.  The one I know is much easier.

Boot Scootin' Boogie

This one's a little old-school but I've always wanted to learn it.  I found this good, slow and simple instructional video.  I wish it had the music on it though.

Good Time

This is the ultimate - I've been wanting to learn this dance ever since I saw the music video.  I found this video - but it's WAY too fast for me.  I need directions, step by step.  I'm gonna have to watch it at least ten times before I get it - anyone want to come practice with me?