Adventures in Eating

Posted by Emily , Tuesday, July 23, 2013 3:19 PM

We started solids a little while ago, and I have lots of pictures and video to be enjoyed!  Sage is a big fan of food.  We have tried peas, green beans, carrots, pear, and sweet potatoes.  I think she liked peas the best, but maybe it was just the novelty since they came first.  All the vegetables were served in the form of commercial baby food.  Yesterday I steamed some carrots and cut them into sticks.  She gnawed on one for a while after watching me do it, but she wasn't thrilled.  She also sucked on some pear that I cut into sticks for her to hold, but once she broke off a chunk she didn't know what to do.  She seems to prefer the purees for now.  I also gave her some pear in a mesh food feeder and she gnawed on the and sucked the juices out for a little bit.  She seemed to enjoy it.  She also really loves rice cereal but I try not to give her too much lest she get bound up. 

My plan was to feed her just one new food for three days straight before introducing another, to make sure she didn't have any allergic reactions, but she finished the peas in two sittings. Same with the green beans. Oh well - so far, so good, and now I know to stop her sooner. I think she would eat a whole jar in one go if I let her. She was probably ready for solids before we started them, she showed all the signs, but being a first-time mom I was afraid.
Enjoying rice cereal
 We got a high chair last week and it is awesome!  Sage looks like such a big girl in it.  I think she likes being up high too.  It makes it a lot easier and safer to feed her.  It's a 4-in-1, meaning that it can convert into a space-saver high chair (you can detach the top and strap in to a chair), a toddler booster, and a "youth chair," which just means that the top comes off and a kid can sit on the seat underneath and pull up close to the table.  So I think we will be able to get use out of it for a long time.  There's a tray insert that you can pull off and wash, and the big tray comes off to reveal a smaller tray underneath.  Also, all of the padding is removable and easy to clean.  We love it! Thanks Grandma Debbie!
Enjoying her new high chair

Caught Off Guard

Posted by Emily 1:33 PM

My little baby girl is adorable, but when you take as many pictures as we do, there's bound to be some not-so-great ones.  Actually, some of those have turned out to be my favorites because they're so funny.  Here's a sampling:

These make me laugh out loud. Love her!

28 weeks

Posted by Emily 11:46 AM

28 weeks
 I missed the 27 weeks picture - no good reason, just forgot.  So here's an extra-cute 28 weeker for ya!  Sage has so much personality now.  She smiles and laughs a lot.  She loves her stories, especially Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Rainbow Fish. 

Reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Ready for some fun in the sun!

"Standing" in dad's lap
The other day I was just holding Brown Bear up in front of her and showing her the pictures, and she "yelled" at me to get me to read it and turn the pages.  She smiles and laughs as I read.  She is getting really good at "standing" in our laps, but still no scooting or crawling.

I'm so excited with all the progress Sage is making. It's a lot of fun watching her grow, learn, and investigate. She has some new noises. She keeps saying "ah-dah-det", "deh deh"  and "wuhguh." One morning she was lying on the floor playing with her little giraffe teether and softly saying "teh, teh, teh." I could barely hear her and it was just like she was whispering her secrets to her little giraffe friend. So sweet.

What Do You Think?

Posted by Emily , Thursday, July 11, 2013 9:01 PM

I see the resemblance.

26 weeks + a Checkup and a New Trick!

Posted by Emily 8:59 PM


Sage turned 26 weeks old on Sunday, and we had our 6 month checkup on Wednesday.  In the doctor's words, she is "perfect!"  I have been worrying about her blocked tear duct and have asked about it at every appointment, but the doctor assures me it's nothing to worry about for now.  Sage really hammed it up for the doctor, laughing, smiling and babbling away.  She was so cute.  Her personality has really started to come out in the past week or so, and she is making some new sounds.  She has also started blinking and winking every time I try to take a picture of her, because my camera has this red light that comes on before it clicks.  So now we have a lot of pictures like this:
Wish I would've bought a camera that takes the picture faster.  She has way too much time to react.

She is 25.25 inches long (50th percentile), 16 lbs. 12 oz. (80th percentile), and her head is 43.5 cm (80th percentile).  I can't believe she's grown half a foot since she was born!  Crazy.  She got her six-month shots and was super tough.  She cried, but very briefly.  She's been very tired and a little fussy ever since, though.  Also running a little fever. 

Matt and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  We took Sage to daycare and went out to lunch and to a movie.  Then we went to our friend's pool for a couple of hours.  We picked Sage up afterwards and went home to grill steaks.  I made a whiskey cream sauce, sautéed mushrooms and mashed potatoes to go with it.  It was a nice day!
About to enjoy our supper

Sage learned a new trick today - drinking water from a cup!  She has been very interested in our eating and drinking and I read that it's ok to introduce the cup around 5 months, so on a whim we tested it out today.  Great success!  She LOVED it.  I was dying to try out some baby food since we got the go-ahead at her check-up, but I want to wait until the effects of her shots wear off.  In the meantime, the water trick is fun!

Big girl!

Happy Birthday America!

Posted by Emily , Saturday, July 6, 2013 10:07 PM

We celebrated Independence Day in Carrollton again this year, and had a great time!  Sage got to see her cousins Molly and Wes again, as well as their parents Jamie and Luke, her Grandma Debbie, Great Grandma Thelma and lots more family members and friends.  We went to the annual 4th of July concert on the high school football field (Bucky Covington performed) and watched the fireworks.  The next day we went to a pool party at Matt's cousin Brandon's house.  It was a fun weekend!  Sage showed off her festive cowgirl boots that my mom got her and looked very cute.  She stayed up WAAAAY past her bedtime and had a blast.

Showing off her boots

Enjoying the concert

Watching fireworks with Daddy

Half Birthday

Posted by Emily 9:59 PM

Happy half birthday to me!
My baby girl is six months old today.  I'm thanking God that she is in my life.  I'm so grateful to have her and that she is healthy and happy.  She is beautiful. 
Sage at Six Months
Height: 25.25 inches
Weight: 16 lbs. 12 oz.
Likes:  funny mouth noises, chewing on things (especially her blanket and fingers), stories, songs, hearing Mom sneeze, rice cereal
Dislikes: being hungry or tired, cold water, having to lie still while getting diaper changed, riding in the car seat
Tricks:  rolling over from back to tummy (very rarely tummy to back), sitting up fairly well, pushing all the way up on arms when on tummy, "standing" in Mom and Dad's lap, falling asleep by herself in crib, clicking noises with tongue
Chewing blankie

Posing with dad

Watching the Price is Right with dad - really liked the flashing lights and noises!

Just a-swingin'

Too cool for school

25 week photo

5 Powers I Wish I Had

Posted by Emily , Monday, July 1, 2013 9:35 AM

Now that I'm a mom, I've noticed some shortcomings of mine that make motherhood more challenging. Here are 5 talents I wish I had that would make being a parent much easier.

1. Upper Body Strength

When Sage is in her carseat, the whole kit-and-caboodle weighs approximately 6,000 lbs. Not a huge problem when it's summer and we don't go anywhere, but I find myself needing to do bicep curls with the carseat to stay at the top of my game in the off-season.

2. Engineering Knowledge

I have had some amazing ideas for inventions while in the throes of a mothering challenge. If only I knew how to build them, I'd be a millionaire! Too bad I have forgotten most of them thanks to mommy-brain.

3. Telepathy

When you are holding a sleeping/barely asleep/almost asleep baby, it's generally not desirable to have to yell at the top of your lungs. I'd like to be able to communicate with my husband things like "go get the camera and take a picture of this adorable sleeping baby" or "come get this baby I really have to pee" without having to shout at him from the other side of the house.

4. Telekinesis

If I could just...reach...the burp cloth...then maybe I wouldn't have spit-up all over my shirt. Again. Which brings me back to my inventions (what? I'm the only one who wants a Mommy Toolbelt so I'm never without a burp cloth or pacifier when I need one?). If I just had the power of The Force to summon the burp cloth to my hand, then the Toolbelt would no longer be necessary, and all my shirts would be clean! Plus, it would make for a neat party trick.

5. Hypnosis

"You are getting verrrry sleepy..." 
Enough said.