28 weeks

Posted by Emily , Tuesday, July 23, 2013 11:46 AM

28 weeks
 I missed the 27 weeks picture - no good reason, just forgot.  So here's an extra-cute 28 weeker for ya!  Sage has so much personality now.  She smiles and laughs a lot.  She loves her stories, especially Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Rainbow Fish. 

Reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Ready for some fun in the sun!

"Standing" in dad's lap
The other day I was just holding Brown Bear up in front of her and showing her the pictures, and she "yelled" at me to get me to read it and turn the pages.  She smiles and laughs as I read.  She is getting really good at "standing" in our laps, but still no scooting or crawling.

I'm so excited with all the progress Sage is making. It's a lot of fun watching her grow, learn, and investigate. She has some new noises. She keeps saying "ah-dah-det", "deh deh"  and "wuhguh." One morning she was lying on the floor playing with her little giraffe teether and softly saying "teh, teh, teh." I could barely hear her and it was just like she was whispering her secrets to her little giraffe friend. So sweet.

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