5 Months

Posted by Emily , Monday, June 10, 2013 8:36 PM

Sage turned 5 months old on Thursday.  Hard to believe!  She is still very alert and I can tell she is just soaking up everything around her.  She loves music as all babies do, and her favorite song is illusrated in the following video:

Please excuse my singing.

It almost looks like she is dancing, to me.  Every time I think she's learning a new trick, I think of the episode of Friends where Rachel thinks Emma has said her first word, "Gleeba!"  This then prompts an argument about whether "gleeba" is actually a word and they look it up in the dictionary.  In other words, I don't want to count my chicks before they're hatched!  She has learned to make some interesting noises with her mouth, as demonstrated here:

She is still sleeping very well at night, about 11 hours on average, but naps are becoming a huge struggle.  She fights them every day and I end up spending an hour trying to get her down for a 30-minute nap.  Babies this age are supposed to get about 14 hours of sleep a day, which means she shoudl have  a total of 3 hours of naps throughout the day.  We are lucky if we get an hour.  So that is my summer project, attempting to get her on a nap schedule, in her crib.  She was spoiled at daycare, only sleeping in a swing, and now needs constant motion to sleep. 

Her little tooth that was poking through for the past 2 months appears to have jumped back up into her gums, but it hasn't slowed down the drooling.  She still chews on everything she touches.  She has also recently learned how to reach her feet with her hands, so I think it's only a matter of time before those little piggies make it into her mouth as well!

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juliebrunner Says:

Ummm is it weird and creepy if I watch those videos on repeat all day? No? Okay good. That's happening.

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