Matt's First Father's Day + 23 week photo

Posted by Emily , Saturday, June 22, 2013 10:30 PM

Sunday was Matt's first Father's Day.  We got all dressed up and went to church, then came home an had breakfast-for-lunch. 

Then Sage and I went with Matt while he went fishing at his coworker's lake.  It was pretty hot and Sage got pretty fussy after a little bit, but I think Matt had fun. 

Afterwards, we went home and filled up the pool we bought a few months ago.  The water was freezing, so we didn't really get to enjoy it, but at least it's inflated.  Then we went out for a delicious dinner with my parents and little sister Megan. 

Sage also turned 23 weeks old on Sunday.  As of about a week ago, she has stopped sleeping through the night.  She wakes up around 12 or 1 and then 4 or 5.  I guess she is getting ready to cut a tooth? We are not sure.  She has started imitating us a little bit this week, which is pretty fun!
And I couldn't resist showing this comparison of Matt at one week old and Sage at two weeks old.  Crazy how much they look alike!!

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