Pink Slip

Posted by Emily , Wednesday, March 30, 2011 7:44 PM

I had to fire the florist yesterday...I didn't want to do it. Except I really really did.

I don't know how other people are about this, but I am not good with confrontation.  I pretend to be a tough cookie, but when I get mad, I immediately start crying.  I get flustered and immediately think I was wrong and forget my argument.  Afterwards, I feel guilty for days.

Anyway, the florist started off okay.  She had a small shop in Columbia and her quote was reasonable.  It took her a month to get me the quote, however.  Should have been my first clue.  I dropped off one of my mason jars at her shop so that she could make me an example, and that was the last I heard from her until February.  I had emailed her about two weeks prior, and she emailed me to let me know she was closing her shop.

Ok.  Crap. 

She said she'd still do my wedding from her home.  Ok, but what if I don't want you to anymore?  I emailed back asking for clarification to make some changes in the arrangements.  I didn't hear from her for two weeks.  I emailed again saying I needed her to be more responsive.  I told her I knew that this was a tough time for her and if she wasn't up to doing the flowers, I would accept a refund of my deposit and go on my merry way.  No response. For over a month.

I didn't have a phone number for her, so my mom called the shop her daughter runs in Boonville.  She said that she wasn't speaking to her mother currently, but would be happy to take over and do the flowers.

I found a number in my phone that I thought was hers and called it.  She acted like we had just spoken yesterday.  She said she had sent me an email.  No.  I gave her my email again in a voicemail.  She responded by calling an leaving a voicemail that said, simply, "Thanks."  No word again for another week.  Finally my mom called her yesterday and told her I didn't want to work with her anymore.  She explained why and the woman acted like she had been in constant contact with me.  Then, she called me and asked if I wanted to change something about my bouquet.

Awkward.  No, thank you, in fact.  I don't want to work with you anymore.  I don't trust you.  I asked you to be more responsive, and you still don't return my phone calls or emails.  (You lie to me.  You pretend like I'm the crazy one! ) I didn't say that part but I was thinking it.

When I got off the phone with her I felt really bad.  It was obvious that she was unstable and alone.  But the fact was that she was screwing me over.  I was proud of myself for staying calm but being assertive.

That's my drama llama story, and my warning: GET REFERENCES.

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juliebrunner Says:

look at you! i think this officially makes you a real adult. congrats. let's celebrate.

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