Adventures in Grooming

Posted by Emily , Friday, February 21, 2014 8:04 PM

This week we had some fun with personal hygiene. I put a baby toothbrush in Sage's stocking at Christmas, but until now it has gone unused. Tuesday night I smeared a tiny bit of children's toothpaste on it and she loved it! Then I made the mistake of saying "brush a brusha brusha," and she started brushing her hair with the toothbrush covered intoothpaste. Whoops!

I figured I would take the opportunity while one of her hands was occupied to trim her fingernails. This has been a traumatic experience lately, so I just started by clipping one nail and making a big deal about how pretty it was, then trimming one of my nails. Then I did one more nail, then my own again. Then I asked her if I could cut the rest of her nails. She thought about it, then nodded, and I was able to cut the rest of her nails with no fight!! When I was done I gave er the clippers, and she uncovered her foot from under her towel and started tapping the clippers on her toes. So cute!

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