Posted by Emily , Sunday, October 6, 2013 2:45 PM

had five of my students out sick on Friday, and at about 2 AM Saturday morning, I learned how they probably felt. It was horrible and lasted till around 9 that morning, at which point I spiked a high fever that lasted the rest of the day. I was supposed to go to Carrollton with Matt, so he told me to stay home and rest and he took the dog and baby with him. 

Today I am fever-free and my stomach has settled a bit, but I'm still afraid to eat and totally exhausted. Matt and Sage retuned from Carrollton this afternoon, which made me appreciate the fact that Matt took Sage with him even more. Even though they are cute, these two are exhausting!

On a more positive note, Sage is 9 months old today!! Hard to believe. I haven't weighed or measured her in a while and I don't really have the energy for the full run-down right now, so I'll wait to do the 9-month update until after she has her checkup on Friday. Here's some more cuteness for now:
This is a picture Matt sent me of Sage checking cows with Grandma Debbie. 

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