29, 30, 31 weeks and 7 months

Posted by Emily , Sunday, August 11, 2013 9:41 PM

29 weeks...would you look at that belly??
30 weeks
31 weeks (today!) in a patriotic outfit - that top is 24 months!!
Wow the past three weeks went by fast!!  I can't believe it's time to go back to school.  Sage will be going to her new daycare starting tomorrow, and Matt's first contract day is also tomorrow.  I am going to school to work in my room, but don't have to go back "full-time" until Wednesday.  We have been soaking up our last few weeks of summer and enjoying our time with Sage.

She's been going through some changes I guess.  After being out of her routine for much of the month of July, she hasn't been sleeping very well at night.  I had just gotten her back into her routine a little bit the last few days, and now we are going to turn her world upside down again!  I think she will love her new daycare, though.  Just hope she will get used to napping with lots of noise around again, because she is one of 7 in the infant room. 

I have also started trying to teach her some signs.  We have practiced "milk," "more," "book," and "daddy."  She gets very excited when I sign for her but hasn't shown any signs of doing it herself. 

Engaging in a favorite pastime - yelling.

Family photo at a friend's wedding

Celebrating cousin Anthony's birthday

Past her bedtime

Sage at Seven Months

Height: Not sure, will check for ya!
Weight: about 18 pounds
Likes: being tickled/razzed, blankie, sleeping all the time,  bouncing, playing in the Exersaucer, splashing and trying to catch the bubbles in the tub, yelling, reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Dislikes: being hungry or tired, cold water, having to lie still while getting diaper changed, riding in the car seat, the end of Brown Bear, Brown Bear (she cries until you read it again)
Tricks:  sitting up very well, rolling a lot, reaching to get toys, squishing food out of her mouth, drinking from a cup with a spout, saying "babababa," "dadadada," "mmmma," "wuh wuh wuh"
Favorite Foods: squash, applesauce, prunes, oatmeal cereal, pears

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