Catholic Engaged Encounter Epic Adventure - Part 1

Posted by Emily , Sunday, October 3, 2010 3:19 PM

Last weekend, much to our dismay, Matt and I attended our Catholic Engaged Encounter.  We were both kind of excited about it at first because Matt's sister Amanda had gone to one before she got married and enjoyed it.  However, as the weekend drew nearer we began to think about it and realized that we would probably have roommates.  Bleh.  I haven't had to sleep in the same room with a stranger since freshman year of college.  I didn't enjoy it then and I don't enjoy it now.  Suffice it to say I was DREADING the weekend, at least the sleeping part.  Matt was dreading it also, but mostly because there would be no TV's or radios and therefore, no football.

Anyway, we decided to take the day off on Friday so that we could run errands in the morning and then drive down early to make it a little less stressful. After an unsuccessful morning at the DMV, we set out for Kansas City, Kansas. On the way, I called The Pasta Factory hoping to book our rehearsal dinner. 

No dice.  Already booked. 

And here I thought I was being Bridezilla by trying to book THIS far ahead!   It took me a little while to realize it was just tough noogies and move on.  Matt talked me off the ledge and reminded me that it's really not that big of a deal!

Back to the trip - we got to KC around 1:30 and found our building, which I forgot to take a picture of.  The place is in a really nice area near a motor speedway and so theres's a lot of shopping and restaurants around. We had 6 hours to kill, so we went to Cabela's.

And we killed 2 of our six hours looking at hunting paraphenalia and giant fish, like these:


We also looked at some four-wheelers and pontoon boats that I'm pretty sure Matt sees in his dreams.

Like a kid in a candy store.
Next we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, which I think may be one of the reasons people in other countries hate Americans.  It was huge and totally overwhelming.  We laughed when we got to the TV section, because there was an aisle full of 32-inch flat screens labeled "Small Televisions."  It was kind of creepy because they had all these TV salesmen standing around waiting to attack you like in the used car lot. 

After that, we decided to head to dinner, where I encountered the most delicious burger I've ever had.


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